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First Smoke Thursday (Whole Chicken)

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Decided to go easy and ruin a chicken first...


Little did I know, it would turn out to be the best and moist chicken I ever had.


I followed most of what I have read around here but I did not brine.  Instead, I injected my own concoction of Olive Oil, melted butter, garlic powder, brown sugar, cinnamon, onion powder.  I rarely measure, but once I get more serious I'll start taking notes.  I just go by look and taste for now.


Had an issue with fire control, as this was my first smoker and obv first smoke.  Near disaster after 1 hour, the fire got really hot almost 400 and I had to add more water and play around with the fire.  Proudly, I got it under control fast enough to save it.  After a while I had mostly 250 temp going the rest of the way.



the plate doesn't show exactly how moist it was but it was insane...  No knife need to cut breast meat on plate.



And my five hour baked beans on the side there.


Thanks for looking at my first smoke!



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Congrats.  It's nice when you try something and it turns out first time.  Following a lot of the ideas here will make that happen more often.  Welcome to a great hobby/addiction.

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Great looking chicken. I really enjoy smoked chicken and yours looks great.



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Why thank yee very much! Been fighting a Pork Butt for the last 14 hours today.  Staying to course....  Just trying to maintain temp as best as I can (which is VERY hard).  Sure it will rock though.

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Fighting temps? What cooker you using?
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Landman 3495CLA charcoal rig.  Has very small box for fuel..  biggest problem is when putting chunks of wood (Next time going to chips). Gets waaay too hot fast, but I can get it down without too much damage.  Still a pain in the butt.

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