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Just ordered new smoker!

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So, my MES is now blowing the GFI, and can't figure it out. I am modifying the ECS to at least keep me going for a while. Was debating between a pellet or a kamado style and decided to go with the Broil King Keg. Thanks to Marriott points, just ordered and should have here in 10 days! Looking forward to it. I read reviews of th Traeger as well as the Broil King and just felt like Broil King was the way to go. Here's hoping that I made the right decision! Actually looking forward to the possibility of a good smoke ring that is virtually impossible with the MES. I am not giving up on the MES, just have to figure out where the short is. I know that it is not the controller, but inside the MES. The MES is great for keeping the temperature constant, so will probably still use it also if I can get it up and running again.

Now, I am looking forward to charcoal smoking again!
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Congrats on the new smoker......   Don't 86 the old one.....


Disconnect the element and hook it up to a pid....  abandon the ECB.....  Or keep it for a cold smoker using the AMNS or AMNPS.....   Dave

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My bad, on the typo. Meant ECB, not ECS, but I am sure that y'all knew that already!biggrin.gif
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Dave, my ignorance is going to show now, but what is a pid?
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I don't remember what the acronym is but.......    It has a controller that runs the heating element, and they can "learn" temps swings for almost perfect temp controls.....      search pid in the search bar....  lots of folks make their own controllers....   store bought are $100 + or more I think...  Anyway, it would be a GREAT improvement over the MES controller.....  Found it.....  


proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID controller) They will control freezers, refers, sous vide, smokers.....   darn near anything....  

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OK, here I go. Couldn't wait for the weekend, so I am putting some burgers on the new grill. I'll add a little smoke chips to it and see how it comes out! And I'll try the first low and slow cook on it this
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