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Pork Neck bones?

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I found these at my local grocery store. They look good and were super cheap. I think I will treat them like rib tips.. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

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Neck bones are for soup to me.

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I've smoked them and added them to beans and the like...   All smoked pig is goooooood.....    Dave

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Neck bones are tough and fatty, but absolutely delicious. They cook best using slow moist cooking methods like braising, cooking in a crock pot, or simmering in a sauce or what not. I've had them smoked and not smoked, they are great both ways. It is a very flavorful cut of meat. But they put out a lot of fat when cooking and there are lots of small bits of bone, so I'd recommend cooking them by themselves, stripping the meat off, then just adding the meat to whatever. I've made some amazing pork ragu using neck bones.
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Awesome, thanks for your help. Once I get them out of the package i'll decide which way to go with them. Firing up the smoker shortly, I have some nice spares to throw on too!

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