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I got a chance to talk to 3 of the Comp Teams at the Rib Cook-off in Sparks NV last week. All 3 said they didn't have time to mess with the membrane nor would they if they had the time. But, all 3 teams did score the membrane with a knife before the rub and smoker.


That's what I do...just a quick score, rub and smoke..the membrane will normally curl up in little pieces and fall off. Let the heat and smoke do the work for me. sausage.gif
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I find that it is easier to remove the membrane as a whole, rather than piece by piece by piece. Some ribs will be easier than others, but I have had my fair share of stubborn ribs before where it was a PITA to remove, but for the most part it isn't all that bad.
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Removing the membrane is easy.....   run hot tap water over the membrane for 30 seconds or so.... that melts the fat, just enough, so the membrane pulls right off once you grab it with a paper towel.......    Works for me.....     Dave

Thanks for sharing the hot water idea, Dave. I will give that a try sometime.
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