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What is your secret rub ingredient?

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I've found a lot of success with cinnamon, takes just the right amount to get them asking or guessing.

I use a personal rub at Benzinger Bbq & Spirits and t goes on everything, but lately I've been leaving it off my ribs and just going straight S&P finishing with vinegar and Rendezvous rub.

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Nutmeg. you said... to keep em guessing.
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Ive heard a few times of people using cinnamon in rubs... never tried it personally but it does sound like that something to make everyone go... "hmmmmm...."
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powdered crab boil , nuff said.

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I need to find crab boil.
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Fairy dust.

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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

I need to find crab boil.




It's available in just about every grocery store, called either Old Bay or Zatarain's.

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Old bay? I have that.
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Celery seed or celery salt......... But always love!
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Curry Powder and/or Sage.

Just like the cinnamon. I put just enough to get the mind wondering.

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Allspice...But no secret. My recipes are posted all over SMF...JJ

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Cinnamon that's interesting that's what goes in skyline chili along with Chocolate. I bounce between a heavy sugar rub which has Brown, Turbinado, and regular rub less all the sugars. My secret ingredient would be Rosemary on occasion .
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I use a bit of Cinnamon in my Chili too, but be careful, it looks a lot like Chili Powder sometimes!  LOL

I've scraped more Cinnamon than I care to, from my chili, thinking it was chili powder I was adding. 

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Cinnamon is no secret, lots of rubs have it as an ingredient. BBQ "purists" tend to poo-poo it's use, especially on ribs.

My "secret" rub ingredient is 5 spice powder.

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I like to add a bit of dill to some of mine.

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