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stainless build from aussie

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Hi everyone I had to drop by and show you my build. It was inspired by this thread, took me days to read every post, and I hope it will be a hot/cold smoker and drying cabinet

Here's the unit, got a good deal $100


Cut the top off where the compressor was, this gave me some good scrap stainless,  and added some wheels, doors off

Striped out the foam insulation doors were hardest as it was glued in, nothing some thinners and a scraper couldn't fix


Found a good local sheet metal shop, they built the flu kit and other bits


base insulation replaced with Hebel block (airated concrete) sides and top rockwool, flu installed


Smoke daddy magnum on


!800 watt  240v element in



element cover

Control box made from leftover satinless and pop rivets, old fan from fridge installed under controller




Air intake sorted, handy having a plumber brother to supply free fittings


Porthole for probes


Doors fitted with fiberglass rope and back on

Door lock isn't pretty but it compresses the rope gasket, maybe down the track I'll change it

Steam punk air blower added for dehydrating stuff



Powered it up, got to 250 F in 30 min, second probe was in the porthole


put some pecan thru a mates chipper , 100 kilo of chips should last a while


well that's where I'm at - got to sort the shelves, the one from the fridge are steel but plastic coated so gotta peel that off and wash and oil them, and then I'm cooking :)

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Very nice! I like all the room inside. You'll be able to hang long sausages or fish or whatever.

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hoddo, morning and welcome to the forum......  Consider a drip pan under the exhaust stack to catch the condensate....    


Please take a moment and stop into " /Roll Call/  " and introduce yourself and get a proper welcome from our members.... Also, if you would note your location in your profile, it will help in the future when answering questions about smokin'...   elevation, humidity etc....    

We're glad you stopped in and joined our group...    Enjoy the long smokey ride....     Dave

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That looks awesome! Great deal on that huge stainless steal unit. Let us know how your first cook goes.

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Thanks guys, Dave top tip I have now got that sorted

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Hoodo, very impressive, my friend! :welcome1:


Looks like a lot of thought went into the design. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it!



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Where in Aust are you mate? Great build ,really clever use of materials.You far off firing it up? Love to see it I action.
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hello to all just joined here been reading a few comments very good,i sorry my name is Stephen ,chops is my nick name ,live in perth ,wa Australia oringanly from port pirie south Australia.i have one of those hark gas smokers it works really well.i had to put exactra shelfs in though but apart from that it is fine the wood I like to use is hickerory chuncks,and jarra I smoke ckicken picies and herring pork ribs now and then aswell .

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well wood cutter sounds like you are well set there mate,i have a hark gas smoker it works fairly well I use hickory and jarra to smoke chicken and herring very nice to eat cant stop when you start only new to this site cheers mate,in perth wa Australia.

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Hi everyone, some pics to finish this build thread. I am very happy with the way this smoker works, I am not a fan of heavily smoked food and the Smoke Daddy Magnum seems very versatile, it can put out the heavy smoke if you want but it also does a nice wispy smoke as in the pic below. Tbs do you think? It will do this for about 5 hrs per charge of pecan chips and only raises the cabinet temp by a few deg. Heat wise It hits 250f pretty quick then seems to be slower getting hotter, I did chicken at 300f and it held the temp steady no probs.


Finished Smoker in the carport


Some food shots
Flank Steak Jerky recipe from SQWIB's post
Aged Steak


Jerky in


Jerky out


Chicken Merryland
Brined and cured overnight going in


Chicken out


Belly Bacon, this belly was a bit thin but the bacon tastes fantastic (pops brine)
Bacon in


Bacon out after 12 hr light smoke


Some of the Bacon Sliced


Test fry in too much butter


Pointy half of a brisket in coffee based rub


Brisket in


Ready for foil and 2 cups beef stock (homemade)


Brisket out Perfect, moist and tender


Many thanks to this site and the members for their knowledge and advice, I will be a daily lurker and continue to learn the fine art of the bbq

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Hoddo, evening.....  everything looks really good....  Very nice smoker too.....



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That is one Awesome smoker!!!
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Awesome Job! Look's like the food turned out really good

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Very nice build. If mine works the way I hope it does I'm going to start looking for a bigger unit. Would love to have a double door unit like that one.
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