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Thanks for the video I am going to watch that, I would like to do a hole pig also by all I have to cook it on is my Rec Tec, 20 x 36 is the grate size, never thought of trying to get only half of one.


It will take a little more hunting for a supplier but I have seen everything from 10Lb Suckling Pigs that fit in a Lasagna Pan and 20" deep Kitchen Oven up too Hogzillas that were crammed into a 72" Cooker. I would venture a guess a 30-50 pound dressed Teenager would fit the Rec Tec. If you need to feed more people, you can always get a little Porker, 15-20 Lbs, for the visual effect and slap a couple of Butts on the day before or with it, if they will fit...JJ