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Originally Posted by dirtsailor2003 View Post

All right, now that you got the build out of the way, show us that TBS pumping out of there!


For sure!  I'll be taking pics as things progress.  I can't wait to have great billowing clouds of white nastiness flowing out of there...oh, hold on...right...not that.  TBS it is!  We'll see how this afternoon's quick smoke of that chicken goes.  

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Okay, I didn't get any pictures of the first smoke (whole chicken), but it was actually a bit of a gong show trying to get the temperature right.  My second smoke was far more successful, and I did get some pictures of that.  I started out with a bag and a half of briquette charcoal, hoping to get it going, arrive at an appropriate temp, and then control the burn with the vents.

I smoked up a 12lb brisket and a 10lb pork butt, bone in.  Here they are, with the rub on, the night before the smoke-fest.

Since this was the first long smoke, I didn't want to start it up and have it going all night...which might have made for a slightly better finished product, but this was pretty good.  I fired up the smoker at 5:30am, intending to smoke until just after 5:00pm.

Got that TBS going!

This above picture was about six hours into the smoke.  I found that the amount of coal I started with got the temp up a bit too high...closer to 300F...even with the vents cracked maybe a 1/4", it took a while for it to cool down a bit.  For the majority of the cook, though, it was at 250F.

The sun was shining nicely by the time I got this picture, still with a few hours to go!

Above is the finished brisket, about to get wrapped for 30 minutes.  I wish I took the picture with it flipped, as you can see the one spot where some bark got stuck to the rack when I flipped this bad boy.

The pork shoulder turned out great, too...very tasty.  I should mention that I also smoked a spatchcocked turkey, which went on for close to four hours, at the end of the smoke.  Of course, I was a ways into my birthday Honey Brown cask by then, which might be blamed for me forgetting to document its progress.  It was delicious, as well, though.

Ultimately, I'm extremely happy with how the smoker is working.  The interior firebrick is starting to get darker and coated with the sexy awesome smoker coating.  It holds the heat really well once it's up to temperature, allowing me to open one or both of the top smoker doors to baste the meat without losing a ton of heat.  The firebox access door lets me much around with the fuel and wood chunks without losing any heat in the smoker.  Speaking of chunks...I'm extremely jealous of the folks down south...the guys who say, "I need some wood for smoking," and just go to the wood shack and get some wood they cut down from the back yard.  Not quite as easy up here...nothing very tasty growing to cut down.

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looks great! :)
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Thanks!  I got up to some more meat this weekend.  I decided yesterday was a great day to get some huge pork ribs (from I pig I butchered earlier this year...and I left the ribs intact as as huge as I could) and smoke them up.  I made up a rub, sat back, and took a moment to enjoy the possibilities. 



 I got the smoker up and running, with the meat on, by 9:30.  Shortly after getting the ribs going, I thought, "Hey, I want more meat than that."  I grabbed a pork tenderloin (from the same pig as the ribs) from the freezer, got it thawing in the sink, and prepared a marinade...glutton that I am.



As you can see from the picture below, I made a bacon weave for the marinaded tenderloin...I threw it on the smoker with a few hours left in the rib session.  The ribs came off and were falling apart when I tried to slice them.  The tenderloin was also done perfectly, with the bacon even getting just a little crispy on the outside, with a ton of smoky flavour.



I felt obligated to take a picture of the meat mountain.  I paired the meat with some potatoes au gratin that my wife made...I made sure they were topped with cheese and a bunch of diced, freshly cooked bacon.  I'm still full!


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HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!!!! lol. now thats what im talkin about right there. my kinda cookin right there. i always make tons of meat.
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Originally Posted by brewyah View Post

Thanks!  I got up to some more meat this weekend.  I decide

Ha ha! I want to print this pic and carry it in my wallet like a grand child's photo! sausage.gif
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That's awesome.  I have it as the desktop background on my work laptop, taking me to my happy place.  It is really making me hungry, though...

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Originally Posted by brewyah View Post


That's a great looking pile of pig parts! cheers.gif

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Those are ribs........   that's how we cut them on our deer and elk for a spring party.......  

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

Those are ribs........   that's how we cut them on our deer and elk for a spring party.......  


Awesome.  I'll have to look into smoking venison.  I used to hunt every year, but my job now usually keeps me busy at that time; however, my father-in-law winds up firing me at least half a deer every year, as he bags a couple.  My only issue is that my wife was raised eating venison at least a couple of times a week, so she hates it now!  In the past, I've tried soaking the game in milk, then other marinades, rubs, etc...she just can't get over it.  Perhaps a good smoke on it would help...or at least make for a manly feast if she's not home some night!

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