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I used hickory chips

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Originally Posted by TheUndaDog904 View Post

I used hickory chips



Ok I was just curious. I happen to really like it but hickory is fairly strong & a lot of people don't enjoy a whole bunch of it...

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Looks awesome indeed.............:Looks-Great:

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So , what did you not like about it? Was it dry? Too strong of a smoke taste? It looks pretty good , and it's got a nice bark on it. You might want to take it to around 200-205 next can make a big difference. Do you know what kind of temp you maintained thruout the smoke? I've never cooked in a weber kettle myself. grilling_smilie.gif
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You can wrap part way through to keep it from getting too smokey, Around 195 or when the blade bone pulls out with ease. When you pull it off LET IT REST.  makes a big difference.



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@Hambone lol I have no idea what temp I was cooking at to be honest. The weber grill that I have is a hand me down that a church member was going to throw away. I just kept checking the IT after four hours of cook time. Yeah it was a bit too smoky for my liking but my family loves it so maybe its just me. The pork came out pretty moist actually. @Gary S that exactly what I did. I let it rest in a cooler for 45 minutes (I couldn't wait any longer lol).

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My family is the same way, can't hardly get it wrapped to rest they are already pulling off samples. You might go to Lowe's , Home Depot or a BBQ store and get a new temp gauge. I have a couple of old grills and smokers that I didn't trust the gauge that came with it so I added a new one. Big difference. The more you cook the better you get, and if your family is like mine they can't get enough BBQ.



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