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how i made my latest fatties step by step

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hi guys 

i thought i would show how i made my latest  fatties ,"she who must be obeyed" wanted something different from our regular hamburger based ones so i tried to oblige her and i came up with these, i thought i would go with ground pork flavoured with chinese five spice, and two fillings one of mature cheddar cheese with onion rings, the other  spinach wilted in garlic butter and goats cheese


firstly i burnt two peppers on the gas hob and peeled off the skins


i then de-seeded them and finely chopped them



i had 2 pounds of ground pork  i added

the chopped peppers 

2tsp chinese five spice

2tsp garlic powder

2tsp onion granules

2tsp sea salt

1tsp black pepper 


i mixed it together and found the mix a bit sloppy so i added 2 Tbs of bread crumbs to stiffen the mix up

i then divided the mix into 2 equal amounts and put them into 1 gallon ziplock bags (27cm x 28cm) i snipped all 4 corners of the bags to let the air out and flattened out the mix to evenly fill the bags 



i cut one side and the bottom of the bags with a knife and opened up the bags



i placed a teflon baking sheet on top of the meat



i flipped the whole thing over and then removed the bag leaving the meat on the baking sheet




now for the filling this one was grated mature cheddar cheese and fried battered onion rings



this filling is spinach that i wilted in a pan with some butter and garlic puree and a layer of goats cheese



i rolled them up using the baking sheet



then i put the rolls onto some cling film wrap and wrapped them up and twisted up the ends



this is how they looked after twisting up the wrap i then put them in the refrigerator to firm up



while the meat was chilling i prepared the bacon weaves on the baking sheet 



i unwrapped the meat and placed it on the bacon 



this is the fatty after i had wrapped it again in film and twisted the ends i then chilled them and went to light up some charcoal in the chimney i then smoked them in my 18.5 inch weber kettle with some cherry and pear wood



after smoking at 250f for about 2 1/2 hours and spritzing with apple juice every now and again

until the internal temp was at 165f i removed them and left to rest for a few minutes 



this was the spinach and goats cheese one



this is the cheddar and onion ring one



these are my 2 dogs (branston and pickle ) chilling out with full bellies after eating the ends


end result was she and the rest of the family enjoyed them :icon_smile:  and if you make them yourself i hope you enjoy them too!!

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Great job! Unique a tasty looking combo's too :Looks-Great:

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Nice work! Perfectly smoked.



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Wow, thanks for the write-up.  I think I'll tinker with this recipe pretty soon.  Those look really good and my SWMBO would love'em.

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Excellent instructions. .. and great looking fatties. And cute pups Looks-Great.gif
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nicely done!

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Great looking fatties!
Excellent Q-View and tutorial.
If you haven't already got a hold of Jeff's Rub it's real good rubbed on the fattie prior to adding the bacon weave then another dusting on the outside of the bacon weave.
Good job they look delicious.
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