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Sorry I'm not Joe.  To grill the sausages use a medium heat on your grill.  Don't go poking them with a fork, the juices will all leak out.  Cook them until they brown nicely and done on the inside.  Another option would be to place small baking pan on your grill with some beer, onions and garlic.  When they are finished cooking keep them warm in the beer mixture, keeps them juciy and adds a little flavor.


Didn't want to hyjack your tread Joe.  Your sauages do lood very good.  I'm waiting for the picture of them on a bun with the sauce toped with some monzollea cheese.

With this combination of Italian sausage and this authentic sauce is see no reason to hot smoke the sausages as after they are baked they are placed in the sauce to just soften them a little and if I hot smoked them the smoke flavor will not be there when they come out of the sauce..... I have left the sausages in the sauce for a long period of time and the sausage lost a lot its fennel flavor so I only keep them in the sauce for about an hr or so. The sauce and the sausage are perfect together. I have some left but every time I make a sandwich I eat it before I get a pic of it   :hit:


Will try to get a good one tomorrow..............

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OK ... finally got a shot....This was brunch.....................:biggrin:






Thanks again for looking



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Most excellent, I love them things.  My wife isn't too crazy about them.

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Damn dude. You're making drool on my keyboard. That looks awesomely delish. :drool I want one but I'm out of sausage.

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:32:  :drool  :32:   YUMMMM!!!   2thumbs.gif

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Damn Joe that is a fine looking sausage there. sausage.gif
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HOLY SAUSAGES!!!! that looks good:drool:

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Sweet Jesus...I'm super jealous.  Fantastic work!

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