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Homemade water powered sausage stuffer. - Page 2

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Looks like a great design and I plan to make one soon. For piston position: I intend to add neodymium magnets to the inside of the piston and use BBs or ball bearings on the outside to show where it is.
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Nice job on the home-made stuffer!

I've had very good success in using homemade hypo stuffers as they do quick work when you have a large load to stuff.

I have two versions: one holds about 8 pounds; the other 13.


One of the advantages of 'building your own' is the ability to customize per your needs.

For large chubs, you can add on a larger nozzle to accommodate the larger casings...

This is the larger model— the big bazooka..


The smaller '8-pounder' — shown with the 'meat rammer' (lower right)—which allows tight compaction in the tube. A similarly shaped brush attachment which hooks to the hose allow for fast, efficient cleaning of the cannon afterwards.


The lazy susan allows for fast winding of the sausage as it comes out at a fairly rapid rate.

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Nice work


Dave is right, stick to the water.


I have 2 Dakotah stuffers 4 sale if anyone interested.

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