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Keep up the good work. I'd go 1/4" on the RF plate and hang 1/4" plate in the roof of the FB and the area where the FB enters the CC. I just finished mine and I'm glad I listened to the folks here. The thicker the better. I found with mine recently that the CC door handle has very little heat transfer even the coil handle on the fire box has little heat transfer to it. You'll be ok. Check out my 80 gallon project that I just finished. Had my first cook in it and everything when smoothly. Let me know if I could help.
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Well I am back!!! It has been a long year with 2 deaths in the family and a great baseball season. I have aquired a few more parts. To date I am just under $100 in materials.
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End caps for the tube

Bolts welded on the tube for the casters. Tube is 2x2x3/16's

This base would support a car, each caster is rated for 500lbs. These were on a 6'x6'x1" thick layout table in my buddies shop he decided to scrap out. More to come next week, have baseball tryouts this weekend with the boys.
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I mounted the casters this way, I got a mechanical shop table at a garage sale. It has a 2" maple top that i will cut down to fit in the tube and lay on the casters. I will use the radius edge for my prep table on the front of the smoker. This a score for $20, the lady wanted it out of her garage. I got some 3" schedule 10 sprinkler pipe for my smoke stack. I bought a $10 dinner card from my buddies son this weekend for his football team, so that was my payment for the tube (I will surprise him with some bbq). Another great score.
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Any further progress on this build?
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Well I have been working on the smoker again...I got the firebox all welded up today. Tomorrow I will get it welded to the cooking chamber. I have the RF plate cut. When the FB gets mounted onto the CC I will weld that all onto the rolling base. I want to have a test run with fire to see how it burns by friday night. If all goes well I will hopefully be smoking some stuff by fri just to see how it cooks. If it cooks good I will use it saturday to start my smoke for Superbowl sundays feast. If not there is ole betsy, before I retire her.

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Obviously you have had a lot of interruptions to your project.  Good luck on being ready for the superbowl.  I'll just keep following the project as I have a similar one coming up.


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Storeman, thanks. And yes I have had a lot of interuptions with this build... I need it done so I can use it.
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Well I made it, the smoker is making smoke. I fired it up last night to burn it off and got it to 650* for 3 hours...she held together lol. I let it come down to 250*and added my apple wood for the 4  

butts I am smoking. I have 8 racks of ribs after the butts come out. I was 3 racks to many to make a full smoke and it is good cuz the ribs would have been done way early. I am pleased with the way the smoker is performing, it is staying within at a 5* difference between the right and left temp gauge. the probe to the gauges are an inch away from the cooking grate. I have been tampering with the vents to see how it affects the heat, but won't use that as law, being my doors aren't sealed all tho I have very little smoke out of the door on the CC none out of the firebox. But there is enough air entrance as I have my vents at 1/4 opening. Q-view will be with the 10 or so pic I took of the smoker.


I have a few thing to complete ,but didn't stop me from my smoke.


Make counter top/work station out of 2"thick  maple desk top I have.

Make vent handles, can't decide what I want yet.

Put the grate in the base for stacking wood on.

Seal the doors with high temp silicone.

Get a good seat of meat thermometers.

Add diamond plate to the top of fire box for a cooking plate.

Make a cap for top of chimney.

Have a plaque made to go between handle/door braces on cc that says KILLER"B"bq and weld it on

Paint her up after any remaining mods I come up with.


Huge thanks to Dave Omark and Gary and few others who helped me plan this build out I may still be in the planing stages if I didn't get there help. I am glad it is near done, but sad because now I want to build another one. It has been a fun build when I did get the time, I finally had a few friends say they were buying meat better have it ready. That was 2 weeks ago. I thought they were kidding until last weekend when they bought the 65 lbs of meat. So simple motivation I guess.


I thank all of you who have viewed and replied, Sorry it has been strung out, yet somewhat entertaining.

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Congrats on a successful build.....    You should have many years of great food coming.....

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Glad you have a smoker, next pictures should be smoke coming out of the stack, Glad I could help



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Well done!  Can't wait to see the pictures.  :beercheer:


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I am going to make a few posts with pics to make it easier. Fire box going together

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next set of pics will be the vents and completion of the fire box.
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Next will be the CC mounted to the FB

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Now for the smoke and Q-view.

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I am glad I built this smoker, it really is a great tool for food. I am ready to build a bigger one already. Lol
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