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All right steel will be here tomorrow at lunch for the fire box 1/4" plate is on the menu. I have 3/16's at home. Figured i would use that for the RF plate and not the fire box.

Will the 3/16's plate be good for the RF or should I go 1/4". I figured the 3/16" would be fine since the CC is only 1/8".
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Ditto on the air to the burner under the reverse plate I have a 2" ball valve on mine.


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My RF plate is 1/4" but my entire  smoker is also 1/4"      I don't see why the 3/16" wouldn't work, Looking good so far.



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Got my steel today for the fire box, it was a steel 1/4" cold roll plate cut and delivered $47. Ends up the salesman at the steel house lives a mile from me. He said he would deliver anything he can lift or fit in his saturn, he has to go home after work HAHA. I told him he is first in line for some BBQ when it is finshed. He was stoked
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You will really want to stay in good with guy. Can't beat that and delivered too.



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Gary, That is what I told my wife.

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We have been pretty fortunate being in the steel erection business for years and now my son we have lots of connections with suppliers and general contractors who have a lot of stuff laying around. What is pretty scarce around here is used propane tanks. We have a couple of commercial pit builders that keep them all bought up.



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well got some me time in the garage and got a little bit done on the smoker tank. Because of the way I wanted to lay out the drain using the supplied fitting on the side of the tank I made that my bottom. And with doing so it put the weld seam right at 3 oclock for my door opening. So I went with 11:30 and 2:30 2 inches above the weld seam. It made it easy to lay it out that way :). I cut my FB opening and have the FB to CC plate marked and ready to cut, I still have to mark and cut the door opening and the vents and the FB will be ready to weld to the CC. Bonus is there is very little rust inside the tank, what rust there is came from the cast fittings. It is actually oily in there the rings on the compressor must have been shot from the get go.here  is some progress pics. I know it is only an 1/8" tank but my frame cutter hauled balls thru the cuts. I bought it for this smoker job ,but it will be well used at work.

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KB, evening....  Looks good..... that will be a very nice sized smoker.....   Dave

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Good evening Dave!! I believe it will do me just fine, and should last a while being a backyard rig.

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Good evening folks, I got some smoker time in the garage today. I started with cleaning the inside of the tank so I could start welding on it, whoa what I thought was clean was a a mess. It took me almost 2 hours to wire wheel and scrub the inside with dawn detergent. So on to the smoker, I welded inside flanges on the CC as well as flanges on the door. I found some stout national hinges that are weldons at TSC, it may be over kill but I used 3 sets in a 34" span. The door warped a tad due to welding the flanges, I knew that was going to happen from all the reading I have done. So I made some latches for the CC door. I like them so I need to make some more for the FB. I need to get some spring handles for the latch arms, or I could use some wood oh well those are small details. Time to get some dinner kids are hungry and I need some therapy so we are off for Mexican and margarita's.


Pics of today's accomplishments will be posted tomorrow, it isn't much but closer to firing it up. 

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Looking forward to pictures



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All that work on the smoker I had to make a few racks for todays football. Up at 5 to get the fire going so ribs are ready for kickoff. Enjoy the day, it is raining here but a fold up tent will keep the smoke rolling.
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Send a rack down here to East Texas



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Here is some Q-view 5am, the 3 hour mark, then foiled for 2 and finished ribs ready to consume after saucing and final stage of cooking.

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Man those really turned out nice  Great job,   I guess mine on the way ?



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here are pics of progress as promised.


CC after scrubbing it on the inside.


Welding on inner flange

welding on outer flange

went back to TSC after looking up spring handles online for $2 more for chip hammers I was making parts.here is a drilled bolt with the hammer handle inserted getting ready to weld it.

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Welded latch and catch both sides

pic of front with both latches

hinges welded on, need to make stops but want it on its stand before I do those

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Here is what I used to bend the flanges
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Gary, I was waiting for an address!! Now all there is is bones. Sorry, next time
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