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moose meat loaf

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Tried smoking a couple moose meat loafs and a small chicken this weekend. Turned out great. Smoked for 6 hours over royal oak charcoal, hickory chips and apple wood chunks on my weber kettle
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Looks good man  :drool  I'd sure eat it  thumb1%20copy.gif

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Looks great!  6 hours sounds about right for the meat loaf, but I assume that you put the chicken on for less time?


I'm just curious....with the Weber kettle, how often are you tending the coals?  I've never used one for smoking.

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Yes i pulled the chicken after around 3 hours. When it reached the internal temp i was going for

I usually check on the coals and give them a stir and add some chips about once per hour. Depends really on the temperature. I keep a close eye on the temps with my maverick digital
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Great looking meatloaf and bird!!!


Smoked meat loaf is great! I usually don't pan mine, I put them straight on the grill.


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Looks great! Was is moose meat only or a mix of fat and moose meat? 

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It was 2lbs moose and .5lb beef to give it a bit more fat
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