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modding smokers

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okay i asked from before about the brinkmann trailmaster smoker and the fire box. i found out from comparing the brinkmann and okjoe longhorn smoker that theyre basically the same. i was wondering if i can fit the OK joe longhorn firebox onto the brinkmann trailmaster. whats your opinions on this. what should i do?? what would you do??

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Measure everything....   see where the holes in the CC and FB line up....  they may, and probably do, have to be modified so the connecting hole between the CC and FB are below the cooking grate for a proper air flow between the 2 units....   Everything will HAVE to be sealed up so there are no air leaks.....    I seems folks think a small air leak is acceptable.....  it is not.....  total air flow control with the air inlet to the FB is a MUST to have temp control......    Other that that..... you are on your way to assembling a great smoker....    Take pics (Q-Views) so others don't have to reinvent the wheel with their build......  



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