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Labor Day Brisket

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So I was in the meat department of my local super market this weekend and it looks like they finally started carrying brisket. They were little guys, but for 3.99/lb I couldn't pass it up! The little guy I picked up was a 3.5 lbs flat cut. Yesterday I rubbed him down with some SPOG and Rosemary, set him in the smoker at 225-250 using Hickory and Cherry chunks for 6 hours, then finishing him in the oven with some cola and a sliced onion for another 2 hours. After an hour long nap, I was ready to eat. 



Sorry I'm a little light on the mouth was watering so bad I didn't to drool on the camera. It was so juicy and tender and had the perfect amount of smokey flavor. Luckily I have a bit left over for some sammies for lunch. Thanks for looking, hopefully this means I'll be doing a lot more briskets in my near future. 



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Good looking brisket man!  biggrin.gif  Nice job  icon14.gif

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Nice smoke ring too!



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Thank you, thank you!
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