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Labor day ribs in MES30

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Well fired the smoker up today to cook me and my girl up some ribs. Now I'm a spare rib guy and I usually just throw the whole rack in, but this time I trimmed them up.

Both racks got rubbed down and on the smoker. After 3 hours I wrapped my rack up with some magic ingredients. Her rack kept on going. She likes hers with out sauce. Just the taste of my rub and smoke. After two more hours mine came out and applied a BBQ sauce blend and back on for an hour. Here are some finished pics. She even had some of




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Did you fit the entire rack in you 30"?
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Really nice looking ribs, good to keep the girl friend happy happy!

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Looks like they turned out good!  biggrin.gif  I do a lot of ribs in my MES 30.  Nice smoke man  icon14.gif

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Nice! Those look delicious!

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When I smoke full racks of spares, I only have to cut off the ends to fit on a rack. Id say maybe 2-3 bones in. I trimmed these into what I believe is called St. Louis racks. no problem fitting on racks.
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