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second smoke

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Well I'm only posting because everyone wanted pictures on my first post. Stuff that id normally do on the grill but my first smoke was so good, I'm gonna gamble that chicken and brats will be that much better. The chicken is going to be for lunches this week, so I'm gonna do this at 225 till the brats are done, then turn up the heat to get good skin on the chicken. I also threw a pair of regular hot dogs in there just to see what happens.

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Ok. Brats take a nice smoke ring, but the regular brat flavor is so strong that the smoke is really suttle. Still good tho. Regular hot dogs take a good flavor. My 2 year old gives em a thumbs up. The chicken is just outstanding. Kicked it up to 300 when the chicken got to 140deg to get some crisp on the skin. Next time, I will cook it to 150 or so and finish on the grill on high. Apple is noticeably different then hickory and I'm glad other people here suggested it because I don't think hickory and chicken would be as good.

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Everything looks delish.  Congrats on a good smoke.

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