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Brisket and Burnt Ends

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Started with a 14 pound untrimmed brisket, injected with homemade smoked au jus from the prime rib cook a week ago and refrigerated the brisket overnight, then trimmed and also seasoned with Tatonka Dust.

Had the WSM holding steady between 235º and 250º the entire cook smoking with cherry.

Here is the brisket about 7 hours in just prior to separating the point and foiling the flat to go back in the WSM.

Burnt ends from the brisket point were made with Tatonka Dust, brown sugar, Blue Moon - Belgium pale ale and a little Plowboys Sweet 180 was added right before serving.

A hash-brown casserole and sweet corn brushed with garlic olive oil and seasoned with Big Poppa's Jallelujah Bacon Jalapeño rub on the grill with a foiled pan on burnt ends on the lower rack with the brisket was resting in a cooler, this brisket cooked a little over 11 hours.

Brisket being sliced...

and now plated...

and a close up for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for looking!
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Wow, yumm. That looks deelish! I just took my first brisket (13lbs) off the smoker - I can only hope it looks as good as yours.

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That brisket looks about perfect. Nice and moist, great smoke ring, and excellent color inside and out. Sides look super also. Very nice.
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Nice wish mine would have turned out that good.

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About as perfect as they come... look wise I think! Great color on the sliced and beautiful ring!
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Awesome - just found my inspiration for this weekend...

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YUMMY! That looks amazing........nice job!!!

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Looks great....nice and juicy!



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