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Ok so, about cleaning those cooking grates...

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Yeah another rookie question here!


Back when I just grilled food - direct heat - prior to getting my first smoker couple of months ago, when I would take the food off I would take a wire brush and scrape the cooking grate surface good while it was still very hot.


Now I am smoking in an offset, and temps do not get real high like they did with direct heat.

I picked up some Weber grill wipes the other day, guess I could put some hot coals in the cook chamber after the smoke,  and get the grates hot and use them - kind of hate to do it that way though.


Just curious how others clean their cooking grates? I can take out and try to wash in sink with dishwashing liquid, but due to their size that is difficult and can be messy.

Appreciate any tips!

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Hear ya on the clean-up...always a issue. My sinks are very small so I do not attempt in the house....or I gotta clean everything in sight. I have a watt burner so fairly normal sized grates. I do buy disposal aluminum grill covers at Home Depot to make my life easier. At times they are long enuf that I only need half and they cut easily. Roll up and toss after the smoke....minor cleanup left. I have heard about some using oven cleaner on grates and then hosing off. Some will put the grates in a propane grill on high to burn off the residue. I've heard of some taking grates to a self serve car wash and using the pressure hose after spraying with oven cleaner. Just some ideas thinking outside the box.....Willie

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Thanks for the tips Chef Willie, I will certainly be checking those disposable aluminum covers out, sounds like might be the most trouble free way.

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My offset has cast iron grates.  I picked up a couple of sturdy metal bristle brushes in the paint section of the hardware store. Much sturdier than a standard wire brush and much cheaper than the useless junk sold in the BBQ section.


I start my smokes with a chimney of briquettes.  After heating the smoker for a half hour, I scrape down the grates.  Then close the lid for another half hour.


Then to lump and ready to smoke.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Sounds like that would work as well, thanks for the tip Merv!

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OK, so about cleaning those racks in the BBQ -



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