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smoked my first brisket

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hello well I smoked my first brisket with the help from this forum WOW you guys really helped BBQ sauce excellent and my brisket trial taste was good its final IT temp when removed was 198.I am putting some pics up please help me know if it looks OK or if it looks like it is missing something it was done in my electric 40"  master-built smoker. 








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Looks great, don't forget to post the sliced pics!
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sawzall.gifslice it up! Congrats on the first of many great smokes Im sure. Glad it turned out!

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I put the brisket in the fridge for the night then the next day sliced it and warmed it up in its own juices in the oven for dinner every one had great comments thank-you board members would not have been able to do it with out you.







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Looks like it came out really good for you  :drool  Nice job with the smoke!  thumb1%20copy.gif

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^^^^^^^^^^YEAH THAT ^^^^^^^^^^ ;)
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