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Brisket for Labor Day

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So, my first brisket was horrible. Did no research on it, had no idea what I was doing and went by time that was listed in a recipe. So this time I've read up on what I should do. Bought a 12# packer, and separated the point and flat myself (also a first time thing). Very happy with the way it turned out. The point is vacu-sealed and in the freezer for another day. The flat is in a rub that I made into a paste using Worcestershire sauce and has been getting happy since 6pm Saturday. It'll go into the smoker in about 7 hours, over some hickory chips and apple chunks at hopefully a temp of 230°-250°. Utah's weather is of course not working with me again, with a 50% of rain during the day. I hope the weather man is lying as my ECB doesn't handle bad weather very well. Pics will come to satiate your Qview desires.

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Much, much better this time.

Got the paste on for a 36 hour marinade.

After 11 hours of 225° heat.

And like an idiot, told everyone dinner was served before I got pics of it sliced, so it's now all gone lol. Served it with Dutch's Wicked Beans, which are awesome, and my Moms potato salad.
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Nice bark on that brisket!!



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Shamey on you for teasing us!  :biggrin:


Sounds like it was great!  Bark looked good!



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