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enlarging a recipe

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I'm new to smoking, and have been brining pork shoulder is small batches (as not to waste meat or ingredients). However when I went to enlarge the recipe it came out real bland. I don't understand, I upped the recipe equal to the amount of meat (i.e. test piece 1/2# and brine was 2 cups) when I went to 6# that should've been 12 cups brine solution. It didn't work out so well, anyone know why?


Randy K

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Did you increase the brine time?
It takes longer to brine a larger piece.

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply, the meat are cut into strips 1" X 3/4" (all of it). So I didn't increase the brine time (24 hrs.).

Should I have still increased the time?

Randy K

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