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first time smoker

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hi, i want to buy the brinkmann trailmaster smoker but i have one problem with it. i want the side fire box to have a side door similar to the yoder fire box. i dont like the idea of raising the lead of the side fire box and that can also be dangerous due to the law of physics that says heat rises. and on top of that its in half and no one unit. is there a firebox that is big enough to fit a whole log and have a side and top door??

ive been searching for a while this evening  but no turnouts. please help?? i need your experience and wisdom on building a fire box. and i dont do fire baskets to me they just arent that old school to me.

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Do you have any friends who could do mod for you, add the side door to that?  Or a local welding shop that could do it?


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