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Sunday Baby Backs

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225 degree Sunday afternoon smoke on some baby backs. I did 2-2.20-1 method using hickory ;). I rubbed the ribs down with oil, weber mesquite, garlic powder, and brown sugar. When I foiled the ribs covered them with a splash of apple juice, yellow mustard, and honey. The last 20 minutes I slathered them with yuengling porter BBQ sauce. I was cooking for 7 today and they said these were the best ribs they've ever had. 5y8ydyga.jpguja4ygun.jpg8avavegu.jpg
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Nice, I'm tryin a new recipe on some baby backs manana
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Those look great. Makes you feel good when people love your BBQ ! yahoo.gif
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Mmm mm those look Bomb A licious!   I'm going to have a go at my first baby backs tomorrow, usually I do spares.

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Thanks guys. They were definitely my best yet
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Tasty looking ribs!!! Looks fantastic!
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