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First turkey legs

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So I have been waiting for my first chance to smoke some turkey legs. This labor day weekend was that opportunity. I started with home raise turkey legs from our batch last fall. They have been waiting in freezer for just this occasion. Then I soaked them in JJ's brine for about 48 hours then let them sit for about 12 hours. I used a little rub that I made up. It was taken from bilbos rub, with a little twist. I also used some butter injection with a little heat kick. Then they hit the smoker. I am using alder wood and a camp chef smoke vault. Got her parked at 225 right now. And there are also some potatoes on the rack rubbed in olive oil and sea salt.
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cant wait to see the finished pics.  they sound like they are gonna be delicious,

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Sounds great, that's a great way to load up a smoker. I would recommend cranking the heat up at the end to crisp the skin up.
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I did exactly that with the heat and the crowd went wild. Here are a couple pics of he finished product. I hinkle I am on the hook for turkey legs each year at our labor day camping trip. Yes, I brought the smoker camping. How can you not? I thank the wonderful people of SMF for all their contributions.

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Looks great.


Crispy skin?

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looks like a success!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Did you cut the tendons to make it easier to eat?
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The skin was crispy and I didn't cut the tendons. Everyone really like them and my band of misfit friends are kind of like animals so it wasn't a problem. I will look into the tendon for next time. After tonight it will probably be next year at labor day as we raise the chickens and they are typically ready right before thanksgiving. Overall I think I could cut down on the salt in the brine. That is just my taste. They could have used a little bit more bite. I will tweak next time to get perfection. That is why I love the smoker there is always enhancements each and every time.
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