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Patience Grasshopper

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Why is it so hard waiting on a Brisket to get to wrapping temp????  I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE.  


I started my 14 pound packer at 4:30 this morning and I am only at 160.  I hit a major wall at 153 and have been waiting patiently for several hours now. 


My will power is running thin.  devil.gif  I refuse to jack up the temp...  but I would like to eat before dark.  Unlike the rest of America...I have to work tomorrow...


Happy Labor Day.

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Try & hang in there - it will be worth it!  thumb1.gif   A 14 lb. brisket can take a while. At 1.5 hrs/lb that's 21 hours. As for your stall - brisket can be funny like that & each one is different. It will be done when it decides it is good & ready to be done. You could foil it to help push through the stall if need be. For your next one that size I would start it much earlier - the night before - if you are on a time schedule. Don't forget the pics when you get it done  beercheer.gif

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You could also separate the point from the flat. That will speed things up. But make sure to monitor the temps in both pieces.

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