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MES Pork Butt EWO

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Received an emergency work order last night.


I bought a pork butt and a couple of baby back rib racks last night, then realized my element in my MES had took a crap.


I almost bagged the whole holiday smoker delicacies when an ingenious thought came to mind: I needed a heating element… where can a heating element be had on a holiday weekend? Well, I just happen to have a crapped out old milk-house electric stand up heater (1200Watt).


Worked late last night  tearing apart the heater and the MES and came up with a setup that is chugging along just fine right now, getting the job done until I can order an upgrade 1200watt element  from Master Built.


Got the AMAZN fired up with pecan, got the milk-house MES smoking away, life is good!


BTW: Safety moment… I am watching this thing close just in-case an emergency shutdown is in order. I am only using this thing once to get me through the weekend. icon_razz.gif


Happy Labor Day 2013




Here she is stable at 240F




My milk-house heater I stole the element out of...

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Wow, way to improvise!!! I've got my fingers crossed that the heat element holds out for the duration of your smoke!

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