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made a good batch of ribs for the first weekend of football


rubbed with brown sugar, jerk seasoning and ghost peppers into the fridge overnight



after 3 hours on the gosm,   then a little wickers and sealed up for two more hours



good pullback and a wonderful smell,   now off the the gosm for one more hour of smoke



then onto the grill for a crust



nice looking ribs




pretty little smoke ring



thanks for looking

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Rick, morning...... Good looking ribs.......   icon14.gif ....




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Those are great looking ribs, I could go for one of those.

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very good looking, hopefully my bb's turn out as good as those look.

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Did you say ghost peppers? Maybe they aren't the ones I am thinking about but if they are those ribs are going to be HOT!
I'm also smoking some spare's this afternoon, and your pics already have my mouth watering.
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you mean these ghost peppers?   only the hottest known!


I get em dried at the spice shop




ground and ready for use,   my skin is itching just from touching them!



grind em up and sprinkle them on   love em


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Tasty looking ribs, ghost peppers and all!! We have some smoked ghost pepper infused sea salt that is wicked hot and good!
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Looks delicious, Rick!  Nicely done!



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