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Smoked Burgers. Need help

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I am hosting a huge tailgate and am planning on smoking about 5 dozen burgers. I made the patties and they are resting in the fridge. I have read on previous threads to smoke them at 250 for about an hour. I mixed chopped bacon, shredded cheese, A-1, and spices to 80-20 ground beef. My question is when should I smoke it and after I smoke it, how should I store it? The burgers are being served tomorrow around 2 pm. We are starting the tailgate at 7:30 am so I have to smoke it before we get there. I am planning on searing them to warm them up and give them some extra flavor. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Whatever it is you are using to sear them on is what I would cook them on the day of the tailgate.


Crank it up and cook to an internal temp of 160°.  The burgers won't take long and your friends will wait.



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I agree with above, to smoke them and then wait and reheat I don't think would be so good. Burger tends to dry out quickly.

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