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Loaded up the smoker.

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I put this in General Discussion because it fits many areas (Beef, Pork and Mods).


I finally did my first mod for the OK Joe I recently got. I made a charcoal basket. Here it is loaded up with some cherry on top.



I decided since I am not doing anything today I would try it out. Once the temp was at 250° I loaded it up.

I used the basic 8-3-1-1 rub for the final 1 I used Jerk seasoning, garlic powder, dry mustard, Smoked hot paprika, white pepper and celery seed.


Now I know this is wrong and I felt dirty doing it but on the far right is Tofu (my sons friend is a vegetarian).

In front of that is a 8 lb brisket (beef).

Next to that is a 10 lb bone in shoulder (pork)

In the front is a basket full of fajita meat (beef)


Smoked Tofu 


Fajita meat



More pics to come.

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Here is the rest of the food. The shoulder came out great (decided to just slice this one up) and the brisket was awesome.





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