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Pork butt stall

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 I have a 7.5 lb bone in butt that has been in my MES at 220 for 12 hrs and has stalled at 163 for 2+ hours now. Looking to have it for dinner tonight, would bumping up my temp to 240 ish work to break it out or should I just ride it out?

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Myself, I foil the pork butt at this point, but I'm not a huge fan of bark.  Others on the forum will bump up the temp a little to power through the stall. And those with iron nerves tough it out.  Since you are on a tight deadline, I'd recommend foiling or bumping up the temp.


Good luck!  Be sure to post Q-view!


Happy Labor Day Weekend,


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I bumped my temp to 240 and we are on the move again! Up to 180 IT now and the guests are drooling, I cant wait!

Worry not Q views to come later, thanks for your help.

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