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Coke-a-Cola Fridge Build

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Hey y'all,


I posted the brainstorming of this project a couple of months ago. Well it has all come together and the Coke-a-Cola smoker build is a wrap. Started with an old Coke cooler similar to the one pictured. Got it for free!!!















Ordered and attached a Smoke Daddy pellet smoker to the side of the unit and this thing works amazingly.I also built a cold smoke unit out of some tin cans, copper pipes and an aquarium pump. I built some shelves out of angle iron and expanded metal. So far we have only cooked a couple of chickens and some tri-tips. I will say that the pellet smoker produces a good amount of ash. Could be from the pellets I am using..don't know? The good news is that most of the ash stays low in the unit and isn't making it's way up onto the meat. Going to season the racks really well today with some lard. Let me know what you think and shoot me any question should you have any.





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nice unit !  I have one similar I want to use  the same way. Did you remove the insulation inside the cooler? &

Did you remove the glass from the door?

It really looks sweet with the charred plank look!

Great job1



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some "El Cheapo" brands of pellets produce a lot of ash compared to the better brands.  What brand are you using?  The other possible cause is insufficient air flowing through the burn box.

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Beautiful piece of work, Scotty!

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WOW, SWEET!  Love the wood siding and the longhorn outline.  Mine, too, produces a fair amount of ash.  I am using Lumberjack pellets.  I thinking about making some sort of screen unit to install by the burner cavity to allow heat through but stop the ash from moving up in the smoker.  Otherwise, I love my pellet pooper.  Check it out,

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Wow that sure is Nice Dude!

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S-WEET!     Make sure to send that pic to Dennis if you didn't already. He'll love it!

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Sorry it is sideways but here is a video of the smoker working


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