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Brisket Update (10 hrs in) w/Q-View

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My 13.5lb packer is now 10 hrs in (started at midnight) and she's looking like a beauty. The bark is slowly starting to build, and the flat is now at 161F.


The last shot I got was at 8hrs in, and at that point I think the bark was just getting started. This thing is just oozing deliciousness. 






Anyone got a recommendation on what temp to pull it at? I've heard everything from 190F to 205F. I wanna separate the point and flat and make burnt ends of course (my first try!), so I'm looking for some tips on when to pull this beast. My understanding is that once I pull it, I should let it rest for maybe 10 mins under a foil canopy, then get to separating that point and flat, then wrap the flat and "cooler" it, then get to work on cubing that point and tossing it back on.

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Start poking it with a Toothpick at 190*F. The goal is have it slide in effortlessly. This should happen in the 190-195*F range. The beef will be tender but not falling apart as you slice. If you get above 200*F with a rest, the collagen will be so dissolved that it will Pull like a Pork Butt, probably not your goal. Be careful to separate through the line of fat between the Point and Flat. With just a 10 minute rest cutting into the meat could cause a lot of juice to be lost. It's not hard just take your time. Good Luck, the meat looks Great...JJ

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OK, so what's your tip on the gap between pulling it and separating the flat and point. From what I understood, you want to do that before you go through the rest on the flat, but I'm sure there's 10,000 ways to skin a cat.


Update: It's looking even better. Here it is at 11hours. Flat measured to 170F. Still got a ways to go!


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