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Mixon Recipe Missprint help please :)

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I am going to attempt my first smoke this weekend. I am using the recipe out of Mixon's book. I am aware of a salt misprint but im questioning the sugar as well. I imagine its fixed in the later version but I have the first apparently. Can someone verify the hog Injection formula below for me?


4 quarts apple juice

1 quart distilled white vinegar

5 pounds sugar(seems realllllllly high)

2 cups salt(I believe this was supposed to be 2 tablespoons correct?)

1 cup monosodium glutinate(I am probably leaving this out)


I saw a thread here before on the salt misprint but I cant seem to find it now to check if sugar was wrong as well. Thanks for the help.icon14.gif

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Ron, Is tihis a Brine recipe?
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I would guess that is supposed to be 2 cups sugar.....  I think the salt is correct, given the amount of liquid, as I usually use equal parts salt and sugar in most pickles....  fish, cukes etc...  I would use unsweetened apple juice because of the sugar addition......  After mixing, taste it... if there is too much salt or vinegar taste for your liking, add more sugar....... I don't know about the MSG...  I would start with 1 Tbs if you were so inclined....    My opinion is, the MSG "dangers" is unfounded as glutamate is prevalent, naturally, in most foods.....   but that's for you to decide.....  That would give you a "somewhat" accurate representation of the recipe......



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No its his Hog Injection recipe. I know of the misprints in his book, a later version was released with corrections. I was hoping someone here would have it and could look and verify the sugar. 5 lbs of sugar surely has to be makes 5 quarts....that would be syrup!

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I think ill start with a cup of sugar and taste. What sucks is its my first time and not sure the taste im after.

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