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1st cheese in the fridge smoker

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Sorry, no pics. Had to get the kids to their after school functions. I cold smoked some monterey jack for 3 hours. Inside temps didn't even hit 90°, so I was pretty happy with the cold smoker I made. But, the outside of the cheese never got that hardness texture, nor did it darken. Did I do something wrong? I have it loosely wrapped with saran wrap on my kitchen counter now, but I'm not home to check on it.
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It's fine, Age it for at least 2-3 weeks then enjoy.

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Ok, thanks! Hope my family will leave it alone for that long!
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sounds good but you know what they say right ????




LOL share when you get the chance I have a fridge smoker also, would like to see you set up on the fridge.

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You are fine.  The time that you smoke a product is irrelevant without considering the type of wood, color and density of the smoke.  I like to smoke cheese to the desired color regardless of time it takes to get there.


If you intend to wax your hard cheeses, allow to air dry for a day on a rack at room temp.  This will help in the waxing process.  There are other ways to hold cheese for shorter periods.  Maybe you will find the following helpful.  "Smoked Cheese From Go To Show" w/ Q- View





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Thanks Tom. I read that link. Not sure if I'm ready for waxing and all that yet. I'm having fun just eating it, lol. Here's some Monterey Jack with jalepeno I did. I sprinkled it with some cajun seasoning. Came out pretty good!
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looks great will have to try the sprinkle thing     good job

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