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Labor Day Smoking!!!

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So I am a long time lurker and have learned a lot from you guys & gals.  Lots of great info on here and want to do more down the road.


I have a CharGrill Smoker that I have used quite a few times.  Most always used dryrubs from the store and same with sauces.  This weekend I will be smoking 2 Pork Roasts bone in.  I want to add a beef roast or 2 with it.  Here are my questions:


-What Beef Roast would be a good choice, not brisquet.


-What would be the rough estimates of time between the two or differences?


-Finally I will make Billbos World Famous Rub & BBQ sauce!  Will it be good on both meats and how long to have the meat dry rubbed and in the fridge for... 24hrs?


Thanks in advance!


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Can't go wrong with rib eye.

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