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Pot luck, side dish.

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Ok help needed. My work is having our very first pot luck dinner. The main course is Boston butts. Baked beans and slaw is already taken. I really want to smoke something. Ideas needed.
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Smoked deviled egg are always a huge hit wherever I take them.
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Can you cook onsite? If so, think finger-foods, like ABTs...they'd be a big hit...if you can't smoke onsite but have a good way to reheat them and keep the bacon crisp such as a grill over med/low heat, or in a pan in the "O" at 300* would work nicely as well.


A couple others that come to mind, which could all be reheated in a similar manner as described for the ABT's:

Hot Wings

Chix Legs


OK, I'm suffering from writers-block at the moment, or something...need some help folks!!! Any other takers??? Come on in and give it a shot...



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No onsite cooking or heating up. Thought about doing some wings. Never done them before though.
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Some pork shots are always great!
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Smoked macaroni n cheese!
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What are pork shots
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Moinks are a hit here.

Pork shots:
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Alright, I got some extra thick pork chops and cut them into 1 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inches pieces. Injected each one and have them marinating. Should I go low n slow or fast n hot?
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