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Gorgeous plated shot, I love the color on the head. Thanks for posting and sharing your meal with the rest of us!

Colour is from the turmeric solution & the natural sugars in the coconut water(I think). It was tasty,I can see it being a real show stopper if I used a whole pig.

I will put the chicken in this thread just to round it off. I will marinate it in the rest of the turmeric solution & spice paste then roast it.I will get some shrimp paste just so I can see if that extra flavour is worth it. Its not that big a leap from a lot of the curry pastes I make ,its just this salam leaf & kencur that have me flummoxed.th_dunno-1[1].gif.I figure they are the distinctly Balinese ingredients. I dont want to get obsessive about it :biggrin:but I am curious now.

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Mick, evening.....  I'm thinking that would be worth the effort to try on a turkey.....   crisp skin and a beautiful color also......   



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I got some shrimp paste but those other 2 are going to be tough .So I just combined everything I had left & rubbed chicken.


Cool colour scheme.

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Home Internet misbehaving so have to use I pad so no photo. Chicken was really good,I put all the liquid in stuck in oven then got on with other stuff.It didn't crisp up,to wet but flavours were well integrated .Its almost a curry when you sit back & take stock of it.
Good dish for a slow cooker, no chopping just put the whole bird in. Pretty good rub to do birds for the smoker for people looking for Asian flavours. The shrimp paste I use isn't as confronting as some. I can see how you could do a really authentic curry rub that could go on a few things .
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Mick Good morning!!!!!.... i SOOO again thought of you today..... I found a small mexican meat market around the corner from my house..... I walked to the back.. .and Behold.. a freezer... with HEADS!!!!!! goats.... $5..... I want em... just wierd that I think of TWO people when I see animal heads,,, you,, and clarissa... my friends think Im wierd... :) anyways... plan for a few of those goat heads next weekend..... :):):) 

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Near me there is Turkish restaurant that serves a sheeps head dish ,cheek,brain,tongue.I think the old country dish they just served you the head & let you do your best,this version they remove it all goodies & serve them sauced .
Haven't got there yet ,I will see if there is a way to see what the hell they do.
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"Hardcore foodie magnet" served in a claypot,looks like it has tomato,shallots . Have to get there.
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New thread with pork belly in a Balinese style.

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