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Have you ever?

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Have you ever gotten out some nice elk roasts, brined them over night, slathered them with brown mustard and a rub made from salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and cumen, smoked them at a nice 225 - 250 until they reached an internal temp of 150, let them rest and sliced them open to reveal a nice pink hue througout, and then gone on to Smoking Meat Forums and realized you completely forgot to take pictures for a QView?  I will say they were probably one of my best smokes so far though.

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Yikes no Qview  and from the sound dish I feel so violated biggrin.gif Guess I can get over it this time as long as next time you don't forget the Qview or I will be forced to post something like the following










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Yes the exact same thing happened to me a day before yesterday but a day after the day before

Oh well maybe next time
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