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Sun-dried (dehydrated)Tomatoes

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Sun-dried (dehydrated)Tomatoes


Sun-dried tomatoes are fabulous, they are great for sandwiches, adding some flavor to a dish such as macaroni salad or for just plain snacking.

When I pick through the garden, any tomatoes that are not table worthy, such as splits or it may have been damaged by a bird, fell off the vine, uneven ripeness etc...,It will find it's way to the dehydrator.

  • Tomatoes are washed, chopped up and placed on the dehydrator.
  • Fresh herbs from the garden are chopped, Sage, Basil, Oregano.
  • Tomatoes are placed on the dehydrator and seasoned with the herbs and a pinch of salt.
  • Once they are leathery, they are removed, sealed and placed in the refrigerator.







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Great idea!  thanks for sharing Sqwib!



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Very nice! Love tomatoes in any form!

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I wonder if sun dried green tomatoes are good...
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Those look great! They would make the best salad dressing!



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Hi All


I really hate to admit my complete ignorance, but.....  I''v had a package of sun dried tomatos for about a year.  What the hell do I do with them.  Do I rehydrate them or just chop them up and toss them into something.  This has been driving me nuts



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