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Does it matter?

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I'm sitting here wondering if I should remove the light bulb and socket from this fridge smoker I'm building. Has anyone left it in without any problems?
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Does it still work? Are you going electric?

If I had it to do over again, I would have replaced the lamp & socket with a high temp oven type, and a glass jar cover. It would be nice to have some light in there to check things, as I often smoke overnight.


If you plan to take it out completely, I'd cover the hole with a piece of sheet metal.

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Yes, it works, and yes, It is electric heat. I think I'm going to keep it in and just play it by ear and see how long it lasts. I just don't want the bulb to explode all over the place...

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At least check to see what the socket is made of (plastic or bakelite is probably not so good. Ceramic would be better), and use an oven appliance bulb.

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I'll take a better look at it today. The fridg is from the 30's, so I'm pretty sure it's ceramic. I put a new cord on it, so no worries there...
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Go to an auto parts store and buy a trouble light bulb. They are silicone coated so even if it does explode, it won't leave debris. Good luck!
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