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After the fact, I wished I had blasted mine as well.  Although, I have been putting 2 coats of high heat black on it every 6 months or so and it has stayed looking pretty nice.  A good wire wheel and some Ospho before painting helps too.  

Great looking build again man.  

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Awesome smoker I really like your design let me know what type of paint you are using.
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Thanks guys. I have been (intentionally) between jobs, but I started the new one this week. VERY little time in the near future for working on the smoker. Its been fun working on this and other house projects instead of having to go to work every day, but that time is past.

I'll try to get this thing finished up in the next month or so. It really needs handles! And paint.

I'll post when I get something done on it.


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From what I have read here, rustoleum high heat paint in quart can is one of the better ones. I plan on using that in my spray gun.

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What about some type of primer is that needed?
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