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what kind/type of meat are you going to smoke this labor day ??


what kind/type of meat would you like to do but wont have the time to do ?

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1: Spare Ribs, will be my 4th ever smoke - still new to this and I have gotten pretty decent at spare ribs.


2: I would really like to do a shoulder/butt - but I need to get my OKJ Longhorn modded a little more, so I can get a burn long enough to do one. Right now about a 6 hour burn is best I can get.  I know what to do though to make it better.

I am really anxious to try pulled pork.




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Pork shoulder!! So easy and so good. Mustard base topped with home made rub =amazingness =-)

Would love to do a brisket but don't have the time/energy for it yet.
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Im going to smoke a few racks of baby backs, dad decided to buy a whole ny strip and grill it so i'm going to make these because i've had an itch for weeks now. And who doesnt love steak AND ribs ;p
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