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pizza fattie

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I was having a little yard working party at my house trying to get some stuff cleaned up and I thought to my self what's the best way I can think of to get friends and family to come help me.... SO... I smoked a fatty and got a keg. I'm pretty sure you all know what a keg looks like so I wont post any pictures of that but here is a run down of my pizza fatty I made with pictures.

I started with a 2 pound bacon weave and put a mix of 1 pound of burger, 1/2 pound of sweet Italian sausage, and  1/2 pound of hot Italian sausage on that, then put a whole layer of pepperoni on. 


next I covered the pepperoni with pizza sauce and put green peppers,shiitake mushroom, and red onion on, then came the cheese first I put some fresh mozzarella and some shredded Italian , then a little more pizza sauce and to top it off a layer of shredded pepper jack cheese  


rolled it up nice and tight in saran wrap and let it sit in my fridge till smoker was at 275


3 1/2 hours later and with and internal temp of around 165 it came off and I covered it with tin foil and let it sit for about a half an hour






it didn't take long for all 5 pounds of fatty to disappear, the pizza one turned out so good that I was asked if I could make a few different kinds for a party  

thank you for taking the time to look and read this


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That looks fantastic!
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When are you having your next work party? I could use some of that.



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