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Try tacos with finely diced cilantro amd onions. Top with a tomatillo salsa. Mmmmmm goood!!
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Great recipe!  I'm new at smoking and tried this recipe on my first smoked pork butt and it turned out very yummy.

The 7 pound roast took about 11 hours @ 250 degrees.  After it was done cooking, settled, and pulled, I added about a teaspoon or so more salt to the remaining Mop sauce, then heated it med-high with some pulled pork in a skillet - just long enough to get everything sizzling.  


I added some of the heated pork onto a corn tortilla, topped it with home-made salsa and a little shredded chihuahua cheese and a pinch of lime juice. Goes great with the rest of the six-pack of the Mexican beer :-)

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Smokenado , thanks for the look . I love to make these , Corn Tortillas fried in the Lard with Carnitas , Salas Fresco , Creama , and Asadero Cheese. Dang that sounds Marvelous:icon_exclaim:  :cool: .

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