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First smoke!

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bone in chicken breast--225 for 4 hrs. Breasts were large. Anybody ever spray the chicken during the smoke process with apple juice mixture? I would like to try it.
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I'm one of the ones that doesn't look while cooking , however your Breast look lovely icon_redface.gif .


Sounds like they may have been in the heat a bit too long... were they dry icon_question.gif


Try wrapping in Bacon next time , a great way to keep them moist AND tasty...


Have fun and . . .

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No the inside was moist. The outside a little dry. If you use bacon do you leave it on the whole time? I'm guessing you do. Thanks for any advice!
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I've sprayed with apple juice on occasion.  It comes out fine - you just lose smoke and heat every time you open the smoker.  It added a slight apple flavor - pleasant, but not strong enough to make me want to do it all the time.

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