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Paprika Smoke

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Last spring I planted the only three Buldog Paprika plants I could get to sprout from the 3 packs of seed I ordered. I harvested this week, and today I halved and smoked the peppers. The nice thing is I was able to recover quite a lot of seed from these, so next year I can really plant out a good plot (I hope).


Stoked up the AMNPS with Mesquite and smoked 5 hours @ 200* - It'll take another couple of days on the racks getting sun dried to finish out for the grinder. Not going to yield much, but I'm having fun making it - hopefully next year I'll be filling the big smoker full of the stuff.


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Why not send some of those seeds my way. I would like to grow some of those.


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PM me your address and I'll send you some seed.


Interesting - it's cloudy here with a chance of rain, so I left the trays inside on the kitchen table. When I got home from work the house had a wonderful smell like when the wife bakes yams for Thanksgiving. I was concerned that the oven was somehow left on - I soon traced the aroma to the paprika. The smokeyness seems to be improving the longer it sits, because they did not have any smell when I pulled them from the smoker yesterday.

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