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First book recipe

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Abi's meatloaf, just landed in the smoker
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Yay. Picture worked.
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Oops. It's actually Rays meatloaf.
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Smoked meatloaf is the best

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This is my first one. The book has alot of recipes in it I wouldn't have thought of for the smoker. The wife picked it, guess she's getting tired of ribs every weekend.
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Ready to come off, and be covered

Dinner time.
Wow, I would never have thought a smoked meatloaf would be so much better than regular baked. Wife said it may be her favorite meal off the smoker to date.
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As I said smoked meatloaf is to die for here in my house, looks like that in yours too.  Well done

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Looks great! I'm due for a smoked meatloaf here also - it's been a few months since I've made my bacon & mushroom stuffed meatloaf...

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